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Holiday Critters
Holiday Critters


Selling nothing on this page, just a place to share my simple thoughts.  And I have many as I enjoy my wonderful 200 year old home through the seasons!   Would love to hear yours and pass them along.  However, with this newer computer format I am unable to add thoughts on this page except right here.  I invite you to visit my facebook page to find the latest on my mind - www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000131218181


Weedy Perennials

June, 2010

Love the so-called weedy perennials. Pictured here are the yellow loosestrife and the oenethera or evening primrose. What joy they bring to the garden with so little work. I believe I started with one or two plants given to me by a friend. Now they are everywhere and I love them. When they begin to wander too far, I pull the wanderers out and toss them into another nook and if they survive, all is well. In front of them, but not in bloom yet, is another traveller, the gooseneck loosestrife. I deal with them in the same manner. And behind, the glorious bleeding hearts that are now past their bloom, but spectacular in early Spring

I can not tell you how much I have spent over the years on the latest and greatest new perennial. For the most part they are long gone. Mother Nature has her own opinion as to what is best around the olde manse! And these delights, please me to no end!


Autumn, 2009

Lizzie is a sanctuary cat. She has lived there a number of years and is the most mellow cat I have ever met. She greets everyone with a warm welcome. With a void left by two of my furry friends here at home, I decided to bring her home and so she is the latest addition happily adapting with no problem. She now enjoys the inside life and sleeping by the woodburning stove. Love her.

We Love To Share!

Don't you love it when a plan comes together! A friend, you all become my friend, sent me this picture to show me how wonderful a breadboard she had purchased from New England Seasons completed her collection. I was so impressed with the picture, I just wanted to share it with you. It truly belongs in a magazine or on a card, but this is as close to fame as we can get at present! Enjoy, we are both delighted to share it with you!

And Another Plan Comes Together!

This picture speaks for itself! Another charming composition after a weekend on the hunt!

Love watching the garden change!

Herb garden is looking good. For history buffs this section where my herb garden is used to be a wagon scale. The farmer would drive his wagon onto a wooden platform in the main rectangle. The measuring mechanism was in a smaller rectangle to the front. We do still have that mechanism. Saw a working one many years ago at our local fairgrounds. Gone now.

What I really want to tell you about is this perfect paint line I found at a show the other day. For those of you who like to achieve a primitive finish or even a shabby on furniture or are looking for a wall treatment, please check this website out or even call them. I spoke at length with Carol and she assured me that even I could handle it and be surpised how easy it is and how perfectly whatever I attempted would turn out. I am very excited about this product line.



The owner is Carol Kemery. I'm sure she would be happy to hear from you and offer any further explanation. Please do indicate that you found Caromal Colours through New England Seasons! Also when you do tackle a project, let me know how it turns out!


Pumpkin Power - New - Check it out at the Caromal Colors website. Fantastic what you can do. I'm almost ready to try my hand and that is saying something!

Autumn, 2008

What fun it was to come home and find my neighbor's rooster and his friends cavorting around the back yard. Even more fun was watching the dog sitting in their midst - missed that photo opportunity - and the cat rolling around in front of them - missed that too! Nevertheless he is a handsome fellow welcome any time!

Rooster Update - He was the hit of the party over Thanksgiving - not the party! However he has decided he does not like me, maybe because I was crowing to entice his visit. UH OH!

Spring update-We are now friends again!

The Morning Report

Spring, 2009

My barnyard friends are out and about after the long winter. They look like they survived quite nicely! None the worse for wear! We, here in the neighborhood, look for them as they make their daily rounds. What fun!

Uh Oh!

Many years ago my mom used to send out Tasha Tudor Christmas cards. They were enchanting. In later years I discovered her books both old and new and loved and collected them. I even had the opportunity to hear her talk which gave me a better insight into the person she was. Today, Sunday, March 15, 2009, the first article on the front page of The Boston Globe that catches my attention is an article titled "The Fall of the House of Tudor". Am I surprised? Not exactly, just sad. Enough said. If you are so inclined you can read it for yourself.

Duck Display

Thought my new shutter shelf worked beautifully for my duck display at the July Madison show. A beautful day.

Don't you love the bird?

What a find! Perfect Father's Day gift for Dad's garden. A clever craftsman has created these charming herons. This is the larger one and there is a baby too. Love it so much I must get one for myself and if I could figure out how to ship it I would offer it to you! Any interest? If so I'll consider the shipping problem.

Seasons Change

Oh no! Time goes by so quickly!

Can't help but to laugh!

Summer. 2009

Recently I have lost two of my furry friends, most likely to what they say is probably a coyote apparently roaming the neighborhood. The rest of the family is really sticking around and we are making an effort to keep everyone inside particularly at night. Found Big Tom napping in this fine wooden bowl, too small for him but apparently quite comfy. Unfortunately he did not smile for this picture for he is quite a handsome fellow!

Oh yes, the coverlet piece is for sale, doesn't it look great on the cupboard. My kids love that I have price tags hanging off of this and that! Sorry I should have removed it for the picture! But you know cats, one false move and off they go, picture opportunity gone!

Alien Landing Strip?

January, 2010

Been lazy musing recently or at least writing down my musings! But every time I look out my bedroom window I smile and think I need to share. Perhaps you think I'm nuts and maybe I am but . . . This is what we do to help the cats get around and also to play tricks on them - dead ends in the labyrinth! Nice look don't you think!? Gotta get through winter one way or another.


No these are not the bluebonnets of Texas, but they bring to mind my one and only trip there once upon a time! When I had Country Reflections my partner and I decided it would be fun to visit the Round Top Antique Show and off we went. The fields of wildflowers were amazing as were the shows. How great it was to leave winter behind and what fun we had.

Now I am looking forward to returning some day as I have heard of a great shop called Silver Star Mercantile in Carrollton, Texas. Until I can get there, check it out for me if you are in the area! And what I really want to know is Cowboy Sam the heartthrob they say!

2010 New England Seasons.
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