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Holiday Critters
Holiday Critters

About Us

For forty years I have been on the hunt. I'm not sure what got me started, but it is a passion that I enjoy sharing. I live in a wonderful two hundred year old house with my patient husband, a dog, and an assortment of cats. The kids are grown and gone.

For thirty years we've let our homestead talk. It is very much a part of us. There seems to be a mutual respect. We have filled it with the most delightful things, both old and new. During the evenings we enjoy its candlelit glow and through the seasons the everchanging landscape. It is a special place.

For twelve years a friend and I owned Country Reflections in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. We shared our finds with a delightful group of customers; many became our friends. What a great time we had. However, twelve years is a long time and Country Reflections is no more, yet the hunt is still calling. I know all the great treasure troves and a talented group of local craftsmen who love to create.

For that reason I have combined an internet business with a retail outlet at Pineapple Rose Primitives on Chopmist Hill Road (Rte 102), Scituate, Rhode Island.  I also have a booth at Acushnet River Antiques in New Bedford, MA.   In addition I do a number of antique shows throughout the year. This way I  enjoy the best of everything: the thrill of the hunt, the pleasure of meeting new friends, and the joy of home and family.

I invite you to come on the hunt with me and do let me know if you are looking for something in particular. I just might be able to find it!


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